How to keep under control the energy efficiency of a plant?

Keeping under control the energy efficiency of a plant is a necessity and ESCo KIT of ESA Automation, Italy by Best Global Engineering experts allows this without any problem!

Designed to simplify the supply management and installation of meters of electrical consumption, the ESCo kit is available in 2 versions: a Base Measure Switchboard and an Extension Switchboard.

The ESA Automation way in Energy Management keeps in a single tool all capabilities of an advanced energy management system. 


The key features of the system include: power consumption monitoring networks; systems remote control by VPN technology; secure access to data series stored in the database.

By a web browser, you can easily access all the connected Data Managers: web pages make real-time data, trend measurements and all the customizable configurations to be available for further analysis.

Data Managers are also reachable in a secure way by VPN even if the remote devices don’t  have a public IP address.

Measured and processed data  can also be saved on the cloud, they are accessible from anywhere through web pages, email and other formats.

Features of Energy Management:

  • Power consumption data collection from different sources: electricity, gas, air, water, etc.
  • Simultaneous access to more measure networks
  • Configurable measure sequences, it is possible to select the variables to supervise
  • Saves real-time data on the Data Manager, local storage for measuring networks up to 1 year and even more for cumulated data
  • Automatic configuration of the measure networks at startup
  • Wide set of field communication protocols: RS485 ModBus, Modbus TCP/IP, Radio Sub1Ghz (868MHz), S0

Remote supervision:

  • Connectivity toward: PLC, HMI, PC
  • Access to devices on ethernet LAN, WiFi, 3G


  • SSL encrypted communication

Access to saved data on the cloud:

  • Visualization of data on the browser, with no need to install additional software on PCs, tablets, smartphone etc,
  • Graphic representation of data widely customizable and adaptable
  • Relational database support
  • Adjustable refresh frequency of the real-time data coming from the Data Manager (minutes/ hours/ days)

Data export formats and protocols:

  • FTP
  • Email (csv format, excel format)
  • RESTful APIs for an easy integration in web applications

Features of EnergyAware software come under a set of additional licenses able to accomodate any specific needs of the user. What any license covers is shown below:
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  • 1 Esaware Data Manager EW900 with preinstalled EnergyAware software based on HTML5 technology for the acquisition, management, visualization and sharing of consumption data;
  • 2 energy meters, either DTM EW800B with external CTs or DRM EW900 with external Rogowski coils
  • All the needed components for operation and for the EN 61439-2 certification of the switchboard.
  • Options: EW800 with RF868 radio interface for wireless installation and EW900 with 3G interface for remote communication.

ESCo kit is easy to install: just connect the switchboards to the 3-phase power supply, the EW900 Data Manager to the LAN and then connect the external CTs or Rogowski coils to the measures you want to monitor. For the extension switchboard please connect the serial interface cables to the Data Manager (not needed with the RF868 radio option).

In a few steps you can count on an energetic monitoring system which is accurate and easy to us.


Data Manager is a data collector able to manage a network of ESA Automation ‘Distributed Multifunction Meters’, in order to monitor in a distributed way the plant energy consumption. In addition other types of meters can be monitored. 

Up to 250 meters of various type can be managed for an accurate measurement of energy consumption, electrical parameters, and line quality. EW900 can collect data from many different types of smart sensors like energy gas, water, air, steam and other energy meters, all connected to the available hardware interfaces with dedicated protocols.

ESA Distributed Multifunction Meters EW800 can be configured for the monitoring of energy and line parameters, including harmonics (1st…51th) and THD.