According to the client request, as per dedicate technical sheet and / or a single line diagram, our Technical Office selects the dimension of the enclosures suitable for specific use, determining the inside layout, with the purpose to respect all the parameters both dimensional according to the parameters as per ATEX and/or IEC ex certificate. 
The equipments that are installed inside the enclosures are of primary brand, with the availability of the spare parts in the most greater world markets. 
Other typologies of equipments, on specific client request, can be installed in line with the technical correspondence of certificate and in operation of their maneuverability determined by the our standard device. 
All the electric connections, inside such enclosures, are realized in the full respect of the electrical rules of pertinence and in the full respect of the ′Rule of art.′
The joinings with the terminal block and the connections from the outside and toward the outside are realized through cable glands that, in operation of the Client specific request, can be proper for armoured or unarmoured cables, type of safety barrier and not, function of the class of use in Exd IIB or Exd IIC. 
The sizing of such cable glands will come from us effected in base to the dimensions of the in demand cables and function of the diameter above and under armor.
In operation of the employment in classified areas, enclosures must be assembled respecting the prescriptions of the technical rules of reference, considering that such assemblages can be determined following the parameters of the rule CEI-EN 60079-14 in vigor to the date of the sizing, parameters.