Safco Engineering Fire & Safety Systems (SIL2, EN54)

Fully Integrated Fire & Gas Systems 

Addressable Fire Detection & Extinguishing  Control System

The System is unique in the market and its features improve the safety and availability of a fire alarm and gas extinguishing control system. The concept of fire detection and gas extinguishing application has been improved by SAFCO Engineering introducing a new open solution of system.

The SAFCO Engineering SM SYSTEM, integral part of third party PLC platform (via proprietary or open communication protocol) has been designed and certified according to EN54-2/4, 12094-1 for fire detection and extinguishing control system and SIL2 according to IEC61508.The SM series is the perfect solution to meet the low demands of safety instrument equipment in the IndustryDesigned & Certified to meet : SIL2 according to IEC61508-2 for the hardware and IEC61508-3 for the firmware application of every single card.

We are pleased to provide systems in accordance with NFPA-72 and EN54.

Mircom (UL, ULC, FM, NYC)

Mircom Technologies manufactures a complete range of advanced UL / ULC / FM listed conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, detectors, signaling devices, accessories and service tools for any new or retrofit application.

Mircom’s Emergency Lighting products offer efficiency, quality, affordability and universal designs that are ideal for all indoor applications.

Microm’s Emergency / Mass Notification Communication solution that reduces risk, saves lives and protects property.

Teletek Electronics (LPCB, EN54)

Addressable fire alarm panel with 1 to 4 loops and maximum coverage of 96 zones. Up to 250 devices can be connected to every system loop. The information for the system status is visualized on sensitive graphic display and LED indication for zones and troubles. With special 2 steps of alarm level working algorithm the false alarms are effectively minimized. The panel has a comprehensive day/night mode facility.

Autronica Fire & Security (SIL2, EN54)

Autronica Fire & Security is well known for their Fire and Gas Detection equipment. Autronica also produces Sensors and Transmitters which are designed for use in the maritime, offshore and petrochemical market.

Autronica equipment can be used for small and medium sized applications, as well as complex large installations. There are thousands of systems worldwide and the equipment from Autronica has proven to be reliable in the most types of critical situations.

The worlds first interactive-addressable system for integrated Fire and Gas Detection has been developed by Autronica Fire and Security. This system is known as the Autronica AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas Detection System (IFG). This Fire and Gas Detection System is approved according to the IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2) and is the only integrated Fire and Gas Detection System that has this approval. Suppression Systems, like Water Mist SystemsGaseous Systems and High Expansion Foam Systems are also developed by Autronica.enclosure can be equipped with an individual info-label. For offshore applications special oil-resistant attachments are available.