Autronica Fire & Security

Integrated Fire & Gas Detection System

Autronica has developed the world’s first interactive-addressable system for integrated fire and gas detection: AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas Detection System (IFG), the only integrated fire and gas detection system that is approved according to IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2).  Read More

Fire Detection Systems for any Application

Our interactive fire detection systems are developed for worldwide standards and regulations, and conforms with the CEN regulation EN 54 and maritime requirements (SOLAS). Autroprime – small-to-medium sized applications. AutroSafe – large and complex installations. Read More

Detectors & Other Units

Autronica delivers complete systems, that in addition to panels contain detectors, manual call points, control units, audiovisual units, input/output units and other loop units. They all include revolutionary Autronica technology, and are adjusted to each system.

AutroBeam – Our range of beam detectors
AutroSense – Our range of aspirating detectors
AutroTel – Communication with the GPRS network   Read More

Emergency Light

Simple and cost-effective internal control – To meet the requirements of today’s regulations in respect of testing and documentation, we offer addressable systems for continuous monitoring and automatic control of luminaries. The systems have either centralised or decentralised battery backup. Read More

Fire Fighting Systems

Autronica Fire and Security offers various Fire Suppression Systems, including; Water Mist Systems, Gaseous Systems and Foam Systems.
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Fire Station – Getting the Full Picture

Fire detection systems in large installations present unique challenges and communication must be carefully coordinated in an emergency situation. An overall monitoring and control is achieved by using Autronica’s presentation system AutroMaster ISEMS. Read More