Mircom Fire, Security & Mass Notification Systems

FlexNet Addressable FACP

Networkable Fire & Gas Detection, Mass Notification System

Mircom’s FleX-Net™ Series network fire alarm control panels offer modular components to meet a wide variety of applications.
Designed for peer-to-peer network communications, the FleX-Net Series allows for a maximum of 63 nodes, while providing reliability, flexibility and expandability. FleX-Net V12 supports Advanced Protocol (AP), which is a high speed communication protocol that greatly increases the speed of communication between the intelligent devices. 159 Sensors & 159 Modules can now be placed on a single SLC Loop.  Read More


Hybrid Addressable Fire Detection Systems for any Application

Our interactive fire detection systems are developed for worldwide standards and regulations, and conforms with the UL, ULC & FM regulation. Mircom provides a full line of advanced, intelligent and addressable fire alarm control panels with expandable modular components. Select the panel below that fits your needs.

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Addressable Detectors

Intelligent Addressable Detectors & Other Units

Mircom delivers complete systems, that in addition to panels contain detectors, manual call points, control units, audiovisual units, input/output units and other loop units. They all include revolutionary Mircom’s technology, and are adjusted to each system.

A full range of addressable smoke detectors, heat detectors and pull stations for use with our Mircom addressable and network fire alarm systems.

Select a product line from the list below to view the devices for that product.

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Pull Station

Pull Station / Manual Call Point

Simple and cost-effective internal control – To meet the requirements of today’s regulations in respect of testing and documentation, we offer pull station with single or double action (reset able) systems for indoor and outdoor requirements. The pull station can be wired to conventional or addressable system via intelligent input module. Read More


Notification Appliances

Award winning design. Mircom offers a wide array of audible and visual signaling devices including bells, horns and strobes. Energy efficient appliances which allows you to accommodate more audible and visual devices on one circuit for better coverage.
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Graphic Monitoring

Fire Station – Getting the Full Picture

Fire detection systems in large installations present unique challenges and communication must be carefully coordinated in an emergency situation. PC-based graphical command and control workstation  (3D or 2D Graphics) that provides centralized life safety systems/mass notification network annunciation, historical logging, report generation, and control of multiple fire alarm networks and devices. Read More