13 - Years Of Experience

You can't use up creativity.

Since 2012 in Business. Best Global Engineering expertise mainly in Fire Alarm & Gas Detection, Voice Evacuation Systems, CBS (Central Battery Management System) Emergency Lighting covers Project Management, Engineering Consultancy, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning for Industrial and Commercial Sector. Founded by a Chartered Engineer Shafqat Iqbal and managed by Muhammad Tayyib

Networking Fire & Security Devices

All the fire panels can be networked either via RS485 redundant network or via Ethernet / LAN / Fibre Optic. Customer can choose to save the infrastructure cost.

Access Control System

The access control is key to guarantee a full and long lasting security system. It is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business.

Observer Web Monitoring

Observer Software is designed to local monitoring either via LAN or VLAN (via Web / Internet) for fire events and security events. Allows CCTV integration.

iCloud Access

A simple GPRS Standard VG is a universal communication module. Connects you to cloud to access your device status anywhere anytime. Never miss any critical event.


Why Choose Us

  • Beneficial Strategies

    We listen your requirements, give a proper thought on it and solve it with our value innovation approach.

  • Certified Team

    As diverse as we are, we're all united under the desire to help you better connect with and serve your customers. Meet our talented and certified team

  • Modify Whole System

    Our team has the expertise to revamp system to latest, state of the art of system to meet todays and future requirements.

  • Support

    We are committed to providing premium support services with our factory technicians to ensure your equipment performs at the highest level within our technical support.

Our History

Does any industry face a more complex audience journey and marketing sales process than B2B technology.

2012 - Startup

Technical content may have per suasive objectives.

2015 - Resources Engagement

Putting the right resources in place.

2018 - Partners & Collaboration

Design Engineering for Oil & Gas SIL2 Certified Fire & Gas Systems - Safco Engineering, Italy

2019 - Partners & Collaboration

Building Fire Alarm System Collaboration - Teletek Electronics JSC, Europe

2021 - Partners & Collaboration

Aspiration Smoke Detecion System - Securiton AG, Germany