Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

A complete replacement of existing system with a brand new M/S Inim Italy Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel & associated devices. Detailed programming and loop verification was executed by our technicians who not only met the client satisfaction but also secured future business. Program backup and engineering drawings were handed over to customer. 

Analogue control unit addressed to 1 Loop. Manages up to 240 devices on the Loop and 30 Zones

The SmartLight control unit implements the OpenLoop technology and thanks to the plurality of protocols that can be selected on its detection loop it is able to manage a wide range of detectors and complementary devices offering extreme versatility of use.

Inside the control unit there are 2 supervised outputs (for alarm and fault) for the connection of optical and acoustic signaling devices, a power supply output for auxiliary devices and an output for activating external telephone communicators. The control panel is able to manage a wide range of signals such as alarms, pre-alarms, warnings, faults, monitors, exclusions, tests, etc. 

Main features

  • Analogue control unit addressed to a Loop.
  • EN54-2 / ​​EN54-4 certified.
  • EN12094-1 certified (extinction).
  • OpenLoop technology (multiprotocol).
  • VERSA ++ technology (wide choice of sensitivity and operating modes).
  • LOOP MAP technology (automatic reconstruction of the wiring and self-addressing).
  • Up to 240 devices on the Loop (64 for the “S” model).
  • Up to 30 zones (16 for the “S” model).
  • SmartLetLoose / ONE extinction card management (option, certified EN12094-1).
  • Up to 4 remote control panels (repeaters), Up to 2 remote power stations (SmartLevel).
  • 1 supervised alarm output (NAC), 1 output for the activation of communication devices (alarms), 1 supervised output for fault signaling, 1 free contact output for fault signaling, 1 power output for external devices.
  • Battery disconnection in case of deep discharge.
  • Backlit graphic display for intuitive management of the installer and user interface.
  • Navigation keys for easy access to the functions of the graphic display.
  • Quick access keys (silence, reset, evacuation, reconnaissance).
  • RS485 BUS for the connection of remote control panels (repeaters) and power stations (SmartLevel).
  • Buzzer signaling.
  • 8 Timer, 8 logic equations.
  • RS232 connector for programming via PC, Programming software, Intuitive front panel programming.
  • Key for access to level 2 functions (EN54).
  • Battery recharge voltage control according to the temperature.
  • Battery efficiency check.
  • Extensive use of reflow SMD technologies for a higher degree of reliability.
  • Metal container.
  • 230 Vac power supply, 1.4 A @ 27.6Vdc power supply and charger in Switching technology, Housing for two 7Ah - 12V batteries.
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 325 x 325 x 80 mm, Weight (without batteries): 3 Kg.

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