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EM Central Monitoring System (UL Listed)

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The emergency lighting testing and monitoring system is designed to test, maintain and manage independent powering emergency lights. Capable of automatic testing, data analysis and result judgment, this system improves the maintainability of emergency lights, thus increasing their reliability.

  • The Emergency Lighting Monitoring Control Panel has a 7-inch colorful touch screen, offering excellent man-machine interaction experience.
  • Controlled by sound and light, the integrated controller automatically conducts real-time and efficient testing and inspection of operating states and faults of emergency lights. Events will be recorded and history can be retrieved.
  • Logs can be displayed. History events can be viewed on the screen and imported into the computer.
  • Timed automatic testing, which can test lights’ emergency functions according to the set time period.
  • Timed battery maintenance, which can charge and discharge batteries according to the set time period so as to prolong the battery life.
  • Emergency Lighting Monitoring Control Panel and interfaces are connected by CAN bus. The interface and its subordinate devices are connected by RS485 bus. The layout is simple and the cost is low.
  • Maximum 64 interfaces within a system, with each connecting up to 254 devices.
  • The emergency state will be triggered when external fire signals are received by the controller. 
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