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SecuriSmoke ASD (Aspirating Smoke Detectors): the complete model range for any application

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Aspirating smoke detectors from Securiton are among the most precise and most reliable early warning systems against fires. Securiton offers a complete range of models that makes the lightning-fast detection of fires both scalable and cost-effective for any monitoring area.

SecuriSmoke ASD 531 – simple and convenient for smaller premises
The ASD 531 offers quick commissioning and the highly professional monitoring of smaller areas and premises, and all without the need for training. The detector is configured directly on the device without the need for a PC and operation is uncomplicated. As with the two larger models, it is also equipped with the tried-and-tested HD detector with LVSC (large-volume smoke chamber). This results in outstanding sensitivity combined with an impressively long service life.

SecuriSmoke ASD 532 – the compact solution for small to medium-sized applications
The ASD 532 has a sampling tube length of up to 120 metres and works reliably at temperatures of between -20 °C and +60 °C. Thanks to its compact design, it is perfect for use in elevator shafts, prison cells, clean rooms, laboratories, IT racks, telecommunications facilities and many other applications. It has the same technical specifications as the more powerful ASD 535 model, but with just one sampling pipe and a more compact fan. 

SecuriSmoke ASD 535 – the flagship model for large-scale applications
The ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector monitors large facilities with areas of up to 5,600 square metres. It is available with one or two sensors. Up to 400 metres of sampling pipe with a maximum of 120 sampling points in total can be connected to each sensor. With over 400 Pa of aspirating underpressure, the ASD 535 has one of the most powerful fans on the market. It is perfect for use in harsh environments, such as deep-freeze areas, explosion hazard areas or rooms with high levels of contamination. Thanks to the new “Config over Line” function, the detectors can be configured and serviced from the fire alarm control panel.

SecuriSmoke ASD 535 HD – An even tougher ASD 535 for extreme applications
Tried and proven over many years, the components of the ASD 535 were designed with a higher protection class of IP 66 for use in extreme conditions, thus enabling the devices to also be deployed in wet and dusty environments. All components have a special protective coating to comprehensively safeguard the electronics. Use in corrosive environments such as agricultural and industrial applications ensures that entire systems are fully monitored. With the addition of the OPB 911 overvoltage protection board, the ASD 535 HD can also be used in areas with a higher risk of atmospheric overvoltage (lightning). Besides the new features, the aspirating smoke detector includes the following proven parts: high-performance ventilator, air flow sensor, LVSC measuring chamber (large-volume smoke chamber), and high-power LED – all of which have been tried and proven in the market for years.

Multichannel ASD
SecuriSmoke ASD is now available as 4 and 8-channel versions for the simple connection of large tube networks to the ASD. On request, the multichannel ASDs can also be modularly expanded with a channel identification capability for pinpointing the smoke source. The channel identification information can be fed into FidesNet or NetSoft without additional programming. 

Dust filter DFU 911 – perfect for the whole SecuriSmoke family
A DFU 911 dust filter unit can be installed in the sampling pipe tube network for use with an ASD aspirating smoke detector in applications subject to dust or dirt. This significantly extends the service life of the smoke sensors, air flow sensors and fans used in the ASD and results in enhanced resistance to false alarms.

Config over Line: managing special fire detectors simply and centrally
Thanks to the unique “Config over Line” function, the ASD 535 and ASD 532 can be conveniently configured, commissioned, and maintained from the SecuriFire fire alarm control panel. The chore of accessing each device individually is thus rendered unnecessary. The existing SecuriLine eXtended provides the means for data exchange and communication.

SecuriSmoke ASD – the advantages of the aspirating smoke detectors at a glance:
Split-second, highly sensitive reaction to incipient fires
Extremely fast alarm transmission and alarm response
Simple handling
Three different models for scalable, cost-effective operation
Monitoring areas ranging from single facilities up to areas measuring 5,600 m2
Developed in Switzerland, made in Germany
Robust and with a very long service life

* All panels requires a battery backup 24VDC to function; need to be procured separately. Refer specifications for size and rating. 

** Price are subject to change at anytime. Please confirm via email as no payment gateway is connected. 

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