Installation & Commissioning

Whether you are looking to install or commission single equipment or multiple pieces of equipment, Best Global Engineering’s service technicians are there to support you at every step of the process.

  • Project Management
  • System Configuration
  • Training

Eliminate the challenge of coordinating multiple on-site teams when installing new equipment. Best Global Engineering’s project managers can handle the installation and commissioning of equipment from start to finish. From the early project planning stage, coordinating needed tools and manpower, executing the project on-site to conducting follow up meetings with your staff, our team manages each step of the process to ensure that installations are on time and under budget. Project meetings throughout the process guarantee that everyone is on the same page in terms of safety, costs and installation times.

All newly installed equipment is run through rigorous on-site testing to ensure that system equipment hardware and software is working as it should. Predetermined operation sequences are tested and all on-site adjustments are configured to ensure your equipment is ready for your most demanding applications.

Your new equipment is now installed and fully commissioned, but is it running at its optimal levels over time? Best Global Engineering’s experts can also provide performance verification backed up by comprehensive documentation to make sure your new equipment is delivering maximum performance, based on your site specific conditions. Documenting equipment’s performance over time, allows you to spot performance trends and make adjustments when needed.

Once equipment is installed and running, we remain available for you. Best Global Engineering is able to deliver employee training programs based on expert knowledge of communication equipment and maintenance. Training programs offered include online e-training, hands-on modules, specialized courses on fire safety, and fire hazard, along with safety and maintenance training in accordance with global best practices.